Entrevista para a Her Campus – What is PinkWashing and how do we fight against it?

What is PinkWashing and how do we fight against it?

Por Manuella de Palma

PinkWashing and Israel

The Brazilian sociologist, Dr. Berenice Bento, has a different approach to PinkWashing, that is not directly related to brands, but to regions, dealing with this topic when related to conflicts between Israel and Palestine. She defends that the images created around both countries, being the imaginary correlated to Israel positive and the Palestine one bad, are essential to the support of the war: “The acceptability of the Israeli speech is due to certain social agendas, which are based on the accession of human rights. It is well known that war is not only won with the auxiliary of military power but also needs to hold a moral strength”.

Also, she points out that the annual gay parade in Tel-Aviv is one of the main elements that guarantee the country’s alliance to the liberal ideal. “All events related to the parade are sponsored by the Israeli government financially. This contributes to the creation of a brand, with proper and defined qualities, that in this case, screams freedom and happiness”, she says.

It also reflects an attitude of planning, and as consequence, there is a clear intention of transforming realities. “The party mood seen at these events masks another truth: homophobia, lesbophobia, and transphobia. There is the instrumentalization of something that is part of this country’s publicity”, she concludes. Regardless of the way pinkwashing is manifested, it is safe to say that it always relies on the objective of promoting a portrait that shows sexual freedom, but in practice, it is not what happens.


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